Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Yukon


Needless to say, I had an interesting time with you.  In fact, I consider you one of the most well-rounded and fullest coffees that I know.  Believe me - I know a lot.  At first I was shocked, even surprised at your piquancy.  Now, I don’t know quite what to think.  When I experienced you alongside the smoothness of a pastry, I was rather delighted.  This feeling didn’t last long.  By yourself, I feel as if your individuality shines through too much.  Maybe if your work on your over zealous nature and seek the counsel of others, you will fair better.  Otherwise, I might just have to give out an inconspicuous warning to others.  Although you claim to be balanced, I tend to see otherwise.  Try to hold back substantially and then we can talk.

Until then,


P.S.  Try pairing up with a savory pastry containing sausage or cheese.

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