Monday, May 30, 2011

To Cafe Estima Blend


Your gentle cocoa flavoring definitely made you rise above.  There was something velvety about your long aftertaste.  I appreciated both your depth and your savory fullness.  I feel that your true uniqueness, however, shines through your smoky refinement.  Through every taste, you are intent on making yourself known.  There's a dangerous sanctity to your personality, like you were born for greatness.  There were times where I longed for a more juicy feel, but I can settle for your graceful intensity.  I wouldn't recommend you for the faint at heart, yet avid drinkers would delight in your roasted pleasure.

Keep it coming,


P.S. Try pairing up with s'mores around the campfire.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

To Pike Place

Pike Place (NOT Pike's Place),

Our first encounter was pleasantly surprising.  I expected something much more tame, but you approached with enough authority and fascination.  There is something very natural and comforting about you.  I like the fact that we can hold hands and not talk for hours without it seeming awkward.  Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates this aspect of you.  Too much of a good thing has turned the masses away from your subtle, smooth notes and brisk flavor.  You've been stereotyped as boring and lame, yet this is far from your genuine nature.  I have to admit that I do tire of your personality because sometimes you feel good on the pallet but then nullify at the end.  This isn't to say that I can never commune with you again.  I just need to take my time, make my rounds, and find you when I need you.  

Let's stay friends,


P.S. Try pairing up with a Chocolove XOXO Toffee & Almonds milk chocolate bar.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon,

Mmmmm.  I absolutely adore the way you smell.  So manly and raw.  After taking a small sip, your intricate and husky flavor made me feel assaulted.  In the end I knew that everything was going to be okay.  I feel as if people have overestimated you and perhaps unjustly classified you as an arrogant boss.  There was something about you, though, that just woke up my taste buds.  There are some murky parts of the relationship that I'm unsure of, but I want you to know that I believe in you and want to continue exploring your more stable side.  I'm excited about experimenting and discovering new things together.  Don't be angry if I seem hesitant at first; I want to do this right and figure out exactly who you are.

Oh Yeah,


P.S. Try pairing up with a Cinnabon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Ethiopia Sidamo

Ethiopia Sidamo,

I don’t know quite how to say this.  One would think that the birth place of coffee would result in an explicit and flavorful cup of steaming happiness.  Not so.  There was, in fact, a sense of gentleness about you but this fell flat immediately after swallowing.  The floral and lemon contrast left just enough zest without biting back.  Why, then, do I sense something synthetic about your nature?  It does not seem that you are exactly who you advertise to be.  "This coffee is both delicate and complex" may have been your aspiration; it is unwise for you to make this claim and not deliver.  Tell the truth.  Be who you are.  

I'll try again later,


P.S. Try pairing up with Bear Naked banana nut granola

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Christmas Blend

Christmas Blend (aka Holiday Blend),

Whoever created you knew what they were doing.  Your name alone invokes the happiness and comfort that the holidays bring.  I found you comforting as well, though in an unconventional way.  I feel that your taste is for veterans alone.  Only professionals could be able to pick out the clever nuances that reside deep within your surface.  You bring together the best of a variety of lands.  Although our first encounter was rushed, I was delighted upon subsequent meetings.  In fact, I chose you over all others to prove my own mastery of all things coffee.  In demonstrating my ability to others, I selected you to help me shine.  Thanks for coming through for me.  I’m sad that we can only see each other a few months of the year but confident in a good things that will remain a seasonal constant in my life.

Best Regards,


P.S. Try pairing up with brie cheese and ginger preserves.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Yukon


Needless to say, I had an interesting time with you.  In fact, I consider you one of the most well-rounded and fullest coffees that I know.  Believe me - I know a lot.  At first I was shocked, even surprised at your piquancy.  Now, I don’t know quite what to think.  When I experienced you alongside the smoothness of a pastry, I was rather delighted.  This feeling didn’t last long.  By yourself, I feel as if your individuality shines through too much.  Maybe if your work on your over zealous nature and seek the counsel of others, you will fair better.  Otherwise, I might just have to give out an inconspicuous warning to others.  Although you claim to be balanced, I tend to see otherwise.  Try to hold back substantially and then we can talk.

Until then,


P.S.  Try pairing up with a savory pastry containing sausage or cheese.

Sunday, May 8, 2011



I liked you more than I thought.  Your name kind of threw me off.  What were you thinking?  The color RED symbolizes passion and extravagance.  You, though, were refreshingly normal.  Not only do you pair well with others, but you are easy to handle and refined in an individual way.  I can’t complain.  The difference between your personality in a French press and regular drip was exponential.  Once I captured the embodiment of who you are, you won me over in a delicate way.  Subtly but surely, I became aware of your nuances.  It’s inspirational to know and celebrate your diversity and intricacies that define the very fabric of your nature.  Kudos for being consistent.  Kudos for being generous.  If I had my way, I’d see a lot more of you.  Here’s to a lifelong relationship.



P.S.  Try pairing up with vanilla sugar cookies.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Sulawesi


I must apologize.  I feel as if I might have put too much pressure on you to perform.  High expectations mean great disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong, I was enticed by your relaxed and calming nature, yet turned off at the same time.  What happened?  Was I too upfront and forward myself?  It felt as if you came on too strong and then refused to make any apologies.  *sigh*  No matter who is to blame, I respect you enough to let you go.  I’m not one to indulge hidden complexities.  Perhaps if you put as much energy into your smooth, charming nature as your taste, you would have fared okay in my mind.  Que sera, sera.

So be it,


P.S. Try pairing up with artichokes and garlic dipping butter

To French Roast

French Roast,

I don’t know quite what to think about you.  Even at first glance, you appeared to be the dark and mysterious one bent on winning me over.  Can I trust you?  You evoke such strong emotions, yet it still feels as if we’re a good fit.  There’s an astonishing normalcy when I taste you.  You come across overly confident, but the more of you I experience, the more I realize your heart.  Whereas others may be intimidated by your strength, I have chosen to dive right in.  Mixed emotions: on one hand I am titillated by your depth; on the other hand, I’m not sure I could put up with you every day.  What’s a girl to do?  For now, let’s enjoy the moment and work through the smoky complexities later.



P.S. Try pairing up with roasted nuts of any kind (salted).

To Kenya


My first love!  Has it truly been five years since our first encounter?  Even today, I taste you with fervor untainted by overuse.  I owe you so much.  Remember when you caught my attention so subtly?  I was scared – nervous at the prospect of a destructive commencement.  With no cream or sugar to alleviate your presence, I was skeptical at first and expected the worse.  Oh but the bliss of first meetings.  Your scent pulled me in beyond the point of no return.  Bold, yet smooth.  Strong, yet not offensive.  I must admit that I was taken aback.  Forgive me for my hesitancy, but you must realize that everything was new to me.  I was not one to make careless mistakes.  Now, however, I can experience you with abandonment, knowing full-well that love is blind.  Even an error on my part leaves me wanting more of the real thing.  And so, Kenya, I thank you.  Thank you for having a clean finish with no foul aftertaste to taint my pallet.  Thank you for your brightness and cleanliness.  Your citrus flavors are adored and valued beyond measure.  It does not surprise me that so many others have had such wonderful experiences with your aroma, taste, and body.  I implore you to remember me as one who has been exceedingly faithful despite countless competition that threatens to overwhelm.  You are mine.  I have personally claimed you as my own and set in you a special place in my heart.  Stay with me, my favorite one.

Forever Yours,


P.S. Try pairing up with anything citrusy (lemon pound cake, grapefruit, or key lime pie)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Coffee


I need you. I adore you.  Life is hard without you.  When I try to cope without you, I fail.  Please stay close at all times.